Are Colon Cleansing Pills Safe to Take?

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Remember when the FDA didn’t care what companies put in pills… but then they started to care a whole lot, and every malicious company was either shut down or sued?And this is why we have trust issues.Are colon cleanse pills safe to take? Absolutely, as long as you trust the company selling them you to.In this post you are going to learn…
  • What colon cleanse pills do
  • Why they are safe to take
  • Why toxins have nothing to do with colon cleansing
Capiche? Sweet. But before we begin…

What do colon cleanse pills do?

Here it’s important to understand the main types of colon cleansing. For brevity’s sake, I will summarize them into 3 categories:
  1. Water-based, which use water to flush out your colon.
  2. Diet-based, by eating types of foods (I’m including juicing).
  3. Ingredient-based (capsules packed with natural ingredients).
Colon cleanse pills fall into the 3rd category, ingredient-based, because that’s the only time you’ll be taking a pill.Generally, the ingredients within a colon cleanse pill are all-natural ingredients; while that’s true for our colon cleanse, it’s certainly not for all of them.When judging the safety of a colon cleanse pill, you always need to dive deeply into the ingredients in each capsule, hoping that the company selling them is transparent about their ingredients.When you ingest a capsule–usually a gelatin or vegetarian capsule–it gets broken down upon digestion, and the ingredients within the capsule are released and absorbed by your body.
Some colon cleanse pills use gelatin capsules.
Example of gelatin capsule.
Gelatin capsules, for example, dissolve within minutes upon entering the body, and are 100% safe to consume. Some capsules also feature secondary ingredients like Magnesium Stearate: all this does is help keep the ingredients from sticking to each other, and is also 100% safe to digest.As long as the colon cleanse pills are safe to use, you will be safe to consume them. Just follow the directions on the label to ensure you are following the daily recommended dosage (usually one per day).

But here’s the catch…

For some absurd reason, every time someone asks the internet about the safety of colon cleansing pills, an infamous word is brought up…Toxins. Oh, can’t this trend just die already?Back in ancient history, the Egyptians believed in a theory of “auto-intoxication“: the belief that the colon’s contents would, while decompose, intoxicate the body. This, we know now, is a farce.If our body poisoned itself every time we ate (or had to go poop), we’d all be dead yesterday.What’s more poisoning is the equating of colon cleansing and “toxin purging.”If you, for example, browse the reviews for our colon cleanse products, none of them mention toxins.I think it’s because they weren’t cleansing for that reason in the first place.

The verdict: natural pills are safe.

All that we ask is that you do your research. Don’t do something or add something to your body before seriously considering how safe it is for you.You have one body, so treat it like it’s a temple.