Got Fatigue? The Best Energy Pill for Fatigue and Low Energy

I remember looking at her pallid face, drained of all her energy.

She looked like someone ripped her child-likeness away from her—her motivation, her will, and even her happiness.

Her fatigue was ruining her life.

And thanks to Extreme Energy, she’s a different woman, and I’m eternally grateful for this energy pill.

That woman was my wife.

Have you ever felt low? Unmotivated? Unable to get out of bed, or shower, or do anything that resembles being an adult?

That’s what fatigue does. It robs you of the youthful energy you once had.

And it does it in the dark.

Nobody else understands you—what it means to have 24/7 low energy. You can’t magically “transfer” the feeling of empty energy into someone’s body.

And if you could, you’d do it in a heartbeat… Just so they can feel what you feel.

So that for one moment, you wouldn’t feel like the only person in the room with dangerously low energy.

When that fun, engaging, smile-inducing conversations your friends are having in the other room feels a mile away.

And waking up with energy to make your bed, clean the house, and go on an adventure is like a relic of your past.

But what if you could say goodbye to fatigue? What if you could have energy from dusk until dawn?

What if you completely reset your energy levels and enjoy life again?

How to eliminate your fatigue

7 Ways to Stay Awake After Work

Have you ever had to work double-time? What about over-time?

Or maybe your job requires you to take the night shift?

Night or day, staying awake and alert on the job site isn’t always so easy.

And by the time you get home, do you really have enough energy to do… anything?

Most Americans don’t, which is why we created a list of 7 actionable ways to stay awake even after you get home from work.

1. Drink water before other liquids.

Not all of us have the privilege to work inside and stay out of the sun all day.

But even if you work in an office all day, that’s no guarantee you’re hydrated!

Keeping your body fueled with water is the first step to staying energized after work.

Since most stimulants are diuretics, they hydrate you (especially coffee).

2. Don’t immediately sit on the couch.

It’s tempting to sit down the moment you walk in the door–but don’t.

Because if you just worked 8 hours straight (or more), once you let your body relax, your brain is sure to follow suit.

3. Take the dogs (or your spouse) on a quick walk.

Before you take off your shoes. Before you put on pajama pants and pour yourself a glass of wine…

Go for a short walk–even if it’s around the block or cul-de-sac.

4. Eat a small, healthy snack.

You don’t want to spoil your appetite before dinner, but keeping your body filled with proper nutrients is a sure-fire way to stay awake.

If you let yourself give in to a large, rewarding dinner meal, you’ll likely begin nodding off faster (thanks to what we call “postprandial indolence”, or after-eating sleepiness.

5. Keep your eyes away from the computer.

Unless you just got home and you’re reading this article, a great way to avoid tiredness is to un-glue your eyes from a screen.

After a long day of work, your eyes may already be fatigued. Use the time right after work to remain intentional in a conversation or read a book it gets too late.

6. Turn on the lights.

When the blinds are shut and the lights are dim, that’s a recipe for an afternoon siesta.

To avoid giving in to your long day’s exhaustion, keep the lights on in your house or apartment.

It helps mimic the morning’s light which is usually when you’re at your more alert.

7. Take an energy booster in the day time.

While drinking coffee or energy drinks can harm your sleep, if you take an energy booster at just the right time a day, you’ll be able to fall asleep right when you need to.

We suggest one that’s:

  • 100% natural
  • One that lasts for at least 6+ hours
  • And one that helps fight your fatigue

For stay-awake energy that gets you through your work day, try Extreme Energy by Herbal Nitro®.

It’s an all-natural energy booster that will give you the energy for the day without disrupting your sleep at night.

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How to Give Yourself a Super Colon Cleanse

“I Don’t Have to Worry About an Emergency Break!”

Have you ever been clenching for your life, hoping this much-needed bowel movement doesn’t arrive too early?

If so, then you’re just like 1 in every 5 Americans who struggles with occasional constipation.

  • You haven’t been regular in months.
  • You’re feeling heavy and bloated more often.
  • When you go, it’s inconvenient and uncontrolled.

And you wish you had a better handle of your bowel movements.

As it turns out, there’s an easy fix.

And it doesn’t require you to go to a colon cleanse spa for “hydrotherapy.”

There’s a fast and easy way to give you control over your bowel movements again.

  • Go poop regularly.
  • Experience less discomfort and pain.
  • Feel lighter and thinner all the time.
  • And have a healthier digestive system overall.

Are There Any Energy Pills that Work?

Have you tried energy pills that did nothing for you? Welcome to the club.

We’ve all tried some energy pill that left us hopeless, thinking our energy levels will never be the same.

  • Why don’t energy pills work for me?
  • I just need more energy in the day.
  • Do I need some type of prescription?

You may be thinking, “Are there any energy pills that will work for me?”

Yes! But you’ve been trying the wrong types of energy pills.

The Best Types of Energy Pills

For an energy pill to really work, it needs to meet a few criteria.

I don’t know about you, but I hold energy pills to a higher standard.

If it’s going in my body, the energy pill better have a…

1. 100% natural formula

100% natural energy pills that work

This means:

  • No chemicals.
  • No ingredients I can’t pronounce.
  • No fillers or preservatives.

Because if you’re not going to drink coffee, the energy pill should at least resemble something natural.

For an energy pill to work, it must also…

2. Be well dosed.

In other words, an energy pill should give you energy with a single dose.

If the label says the daily dosage is 2-4 pills, toss it. It doesn’t work, and the company is milking you for money.

When energy pills (or any supplements) have poorly-quantified dosages, it usually means they are “private labeling”: paying manufacturers to make the product for them.

(This energy pill, for example, only requires 1 capsule a day.)

It’s also helpful if the pill can a split in half to break up the dosages. Unless it’s in tablet-form, however, it will likely taste disgusting.

Last, for an energy pill to work it must…

3. Be supplemented by non-caffeine herbs.

Over 100 million people drink coffee daily1 in the US. Caffeine from coffee bean is an excellent source of energy.

But caffeine shouldn’t be on its own.

When you put caffeine in your body, it begins to attach to adenosine receptors in your brain.

In turn, this helps prevent drowsiness for a while, because your body thinks you’re not tired anymore.

But just like a cup of coffee fades, so will the caffeine in the energy pill.

And if that energy pill is nothing more than a caffeine pill, you will crash.

That’s why it’s important to have more than just caffeine in your energy booster.

Some useful herbs to supplement caffeine are…

  • Ginseng
  • Eleuthero root
  • L-theanine
  • Guarana
  • Yohimbe bark

For an energy pill that really works…

Try Extreme Energy, a trusted energy pill that has worked for thousands of people since 1999.

It’s made with 100% natural ingredients.

It only requires 1 pill a day for 6+ hours of smooth, sustained energy.

It won’t make you crash after a couple hours.

And most importantly? It really works!

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