About Us

20 years ago, everything was different

We started at market nights, in a small town in Southern California.

We would set up our booth every week night and talk to people like crazy.

Trying to change peoples’ lives by the supplements we made (back then, it was mostly Extreme Energy and My Gentle Detox.

Look, this will give you energy

Or, “Here, relieve yourself of occasional constipation!

Back in 2007… Those were the prime days.

Herbal Nitro: Products for your healthy and active lifestyle

Back then, we sported a bulkier, red logo. It was only in the last year or so we made a change.

And we also had an incredible website

One with similar products but gaudier labels.

With an impressive page speed of about 1 minute load times.

In fact, we kind of miss that website…

But the internet began to boom, and everyone rushed to create their own website!

More and more people created supplements–with many of them not caring about quality…

But while many things have changed, one thing has not

And that’s our commitment to high-quality, effective, and natural products.

It’s our bread and butter–the thing that keeps our family business motivated to move forward every year.

Because as a family, we value the same things. Here are our top 3:

  • We care about ingredients.If you couldn’t tell, ingredients are a very big deal to us. They determine whether or not the product works. But just having “effective” ingredients isn’t enough: The ingredients need to be all-natural. We don’t want to put chemicals in our bodies, and neither do we want that for you.
  • We care about our customers.You, our customer, are the reason we exist. It’s important that you’re completely satisfied not only with our products, but also with our service. It’s crazy–some of our customers we’ve known for so long (up to 20 years), that we call them by name–we know them truly. We hope our future is filled with more and more rich relationships like these, and we hope you can join our family like the others.
  • We care about compliance with FDA.If you’re not familiar with the FDA, you’re a lucky one. We who deal with dietary supplements must be, because our products must hold to the statutes of the Federal Drug Administration; otherwise, we couldn’t sell the products we love making. Thankfully, we’re 100% compliant with all our products, because as a company we believe in integrity: and part of integrity is following the law, even if we don’t agree with it all the time.

And if you have any questions, just call as at 1-800-AMAZING