Why Energy Pills Are More Effective Than Energy Shots

Are energy pills better than energy shots?
Fifteen years ago, a new type of product ventured its way deep into the roots of American caffeine culture through the success of 5 Hour Energy. A household name now, in 2003 the product wasn’t an instant seller.Bhargava and his team had to convince buyers that the product was safe: after all, this was new territory, and we as humans aren’t so intrepid when it comes to introducing new substances into our body. But once the team’s suasion was successful–starting first with GNC, the cataract began, causing shelves on stores such as Walgreens and Rite Aid to teem with this new energy shot.Fast forward to year 2018, and the competition in energy supplements is heavy. With the average cost of a cup of coffee being $3.12 (in New York), consumers are looking for more cost-effective ways to get their caffeine fix.For most consumers, this presents them with 3 ways to supplement their energy levels throughout the day:
  • Coffee
  • Energy shots/drinks
  • Energy pills
Considering how none of us has money to spare, I think it’s about time we get wise with our money where it counts.

How cost-effective are energy shots, really?

If you want long-lasting energy to make it through the day, spend more time with your family/friends, or just lead an active lifestyle, how much of your savings are you willing to sacrifice? Well, it probably doesn’t matter how much you’re willing to… you might not be able to afford it.As you can see in the chart below, we’ve compared our natural energy pills to coffee, 5-Hour Energy, and Red Bull (as a common comparison). While day-to-day you may not see a huge difference, the bleak reality is shown when you look at how much you’re spending in a year.

(Scroll right to view entire table.)

Extreme Energy: all-natural energy supplementsYou would pay that much for a cup of coffee!?You would pay that much for an energy shot!?You would pay that much for an energy drink!?
Extreme EnergyCup of Coffee5 Hour EnergyRed Bull
Daily Cost$0.53$2.10$2.48$2.59
Monthly Cost$15.99$63.00$74.40$77.70
Yearly Cost$191.88$756.00$892.80$932.40

Who can afford to spend nearly $1000 a year on energy?

Nobody can.