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— Lisa M., Verified Customer

Extreme Energy

314 reviews

Do long days completely wipe you out? We understand you.

You don’t have to struggle to stay awake anymore… Now you have Extreme Energy!

With this all-natural energy pill, you can stay awake, alert, and motivated on even the most exhausting days of the week.

  • Clean, sustained energy throughout the day
  • All-day energy without the crash
  • No jittery side-effects or afternoon slumps
  • Helps remove fatigue and tiredness
  • 100% natural, safe energy pills


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  • 90-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

Finally, an energy pill that works!

Experience powerful, all-day energy with just 1 Extreme Energy pill.

Containing 100mg of caffeine, it doesn’t have the “caffeine problem” like coffee does.

See, your body contains adenosine receptors, which are responsible for making you drowsy and sleepy.

Caffeine, however, acts as an adenosine-receptor antagonist, preventing the adenosine from building up and making you drowsy.

However, after a couple hours the caffeine from a cup of coffee fades, and so does your energy.

Extreme Energy has solved this problem using herbs.

It uses herbs, roots, and extracts to keep your energy levels high and sustained… even after the “caffeine crash.”

That means you can rely on Extreme Energy for all-day energy every time you take it.

Even if you’ve tried everything to boost your energy but nothing worked…

Extreme Energy will give you your energy back!

Try Extreme Energy risk-free for 90 days.

As a family-run company since 1999, we’ve seen thousands of people just like you experience real life change.

Now it’s your turn.

Even if you’re skeptical… Even if you think, “This won’t work for me…

You must give Extreme Energy a try!

We promise you won’t regret it.

If you’re not absolutely satisfied, return your bottle(s) within 90 days for a prompt and courteous refund.

That’s how confident we are in our product.

For over 20 years, we’ve kept Extreme Energy affordable. We believe that’s the right thing to do.

Today, for only $19.97 + FREE shipping, you can have…

  • 6+ hours of motivating energy
  • No crash, jitters, or shakes
  • Less fatigue and exhaustion
  • Alertness throughout the day

We guarantee you’ll FEEL the energy the very first time you take it… or your money back!

Click the green button below to order a bottle today, or call us at 1-800-AMAZING (1-800-262-9464) to order over the phone.

Experience real results on day 1!

Hear what customers say about Extreme Energy…

“Helps me pull through those hectic days.”

— Lisa M.

“All day energy! No crash!”

— Charles P.

“Give it a shot. You won’t regret it!”

— Ashlee G.

“You don’t get shaky or sweaty.”

— Casey M.

“One pill helps me all day long.”

— Tia J.

“Gives me energy for my MS!”

— Tasha F.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your questions aren’t answered below, you can contact us in several ways.

We can only advise one (1) capsule per day. It is at your discretion if you decide to exceed that limit.

If you decide to take more than 1 a day, we suggest you separate use by at least 3 hours.

We do not recommend you combine Extreme Energy with other stimulants.

You will find you do not need to combine this with a cup of coffee, as Extreme Energy is powerful enough to wake you up on its own.

Extreme Energy contains Coffee Bean (100mg of caffeine), Panax Ginseng, American Ginseng, Eleuthero Root, and Yohimbe Bark.

You can see the ingredient label here.

We suggest you contact your doctor prior to taking Extreme Energy with high blood pressure or while taking medications for blood pressure.

There are no known interactions between Extreme Energy and diabetes, but if you are uncertain we suggest you contact your doctor prior to taking Extreme Energy.

We ship all orders from Southern California on the same day (some exceptions) through the United States Postal Service.

You can expect a few days of transit depending where you are located.

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Aaron W.
United States United States
The best product I have ever tried!

I ordered one bottle just to try it. I drink an energy drink sometimes 2 a day. I waste so much money on trying new things because I have bulging discs and other medical problems which forces me to take medication. I hate the feeling of pain pills they make me feel sleepy and high. I can honestly say these Extreme Energy pills are life changing without hesitation! They really work! I bought a bottle and gave a couple to my wife and we both love them. Nice clean sustaining energy throughout the day. Just have them with a good breakfast. Not to mention the customer service is amazing! They are very helpful and very generous. I am so glad I found these. I believe they are a healthy alternative to everything else I have been putting into my body. Not to mention saving me money in the long run. I bought one bottle and 2 weeks later I am already back for a couple more. As I said before they really work. So many different companies say they have the best product and it works blah blah blah. But honestly after trying numerous options this is the one that I will be sticking with for a long time. Extreme Energy pills!

jingi h.
United States United States

When I first took the pills ..about 30 minutes later I FELT GREAT! I could not believe how good your product made me feel. I was up around 4am ..singing and blending a smoothie in the kitchen as if it was the afternoon. I did a 2 hour work out with a smile on my face have a customer for life!

Judy S.
United States United States
The BEST product EVER!!

I LOVE this product!!! I've been using it for a couple of weeks and can feel energy without the shakes for hours!! Great product!! You will NOT be disappointed!!

Herbal Nitro®

Hi Judy. We're so happy you LOVE Extreme Energy. Thanks for your honest feedback.

Bobby M.
United States United States
My super energy pill!

Before I starting taking it, energy was a problem for me. At my age (53) my body is pretty beat. My energy levels have gone up, laziness has gone away, it keeps me awake for 6+ hours without the crash.

Herbal Nitro®

Hi Bobby. We're glad Extreme Energy has helped restore your energy when your body feels "beat." Thank you for your honest feedback.

Jose O.
United States United States
They work!

I love it because I work between 12-15 hours, and after 2-3 PM I start getting sleepy. The pills really keep me going! I really like them. They really work well on me!

Herbal Nitro®

Hi Jose. We're glad Extreme Energy works for you on those long, 12-15 hour work days! Thank you for your honest feedback.

Debbie W.
United States United States
Extreme Satisfied!

It gives me a calm energy--not jittery like most energy supplements are, like the stuff you get over the counter. It's the only one that gives me energy that lasts all day. I don't have any problems sleeping at night. I recommend it to anybody who's having trouble with low energy or has trouble doing what they need to do. It gives you that extra boost!

Herbal Nitro®

Hi Debbie. We're glad Extreme Energy works for you when other otc supplements didn't! We love seeing customers "extremely satisfied"!

Brianne V.
United States United States
Works Amazing

I have hypersomnia and have tried different educations and supplements and nothing has worked as well as this. I take it every day to make sure I can stay awake throughout the day and it works great. I already ordered two bottles and I'm now ordering two more because I just can't go without it!

Herbal Nitro®

Hi Brianne. That's incredible that Extreme Energy has helped your hypersomnia! Thank you for feedback.

Jeremy J.
Very great product

Since taking the product my energy has been better than ever. I no longer fall asleep during the day and have lots of energy and drive to get things done. I would recommend this for anyone seeking a burst of energy that sustains throughout the day

Herbal Nitro®

Hi Jeremy. That's great to hear! We're glad Extreme Energy keeps you awake and energized during the day :)

Tia J.

Yes, I love this product especially if you experience fatigue such as myself. I have anemia so I'm fatigue often. I was searching and searching and I'm glad I found this product. Also took a chance and tried it.

Herbal Nitro®

Hi Tia. We're overjoyed that Extreme Energy helps with your anemia and fatigue! Thanks for taking a chance with us!

Nikita W.
Helps me stay focused and energized all day !

I absolutely love this pill. I've tried other options as far as maintaining a level of energy throughout the day without crashing, and this is my absolute go to! It really does gradually decrease your levels of energy to the point where it actually promotes good sleep, which is another problem are I deal with. About to order another bottle! I would definitely recommend this to everyone !

Herbal Nitro® Extreme Energy Review
Roberta R.
United States United States
How to keep someone going through 3 jobs!

The people I work with at Amazon don't understand how I work 3 jobs. I've been it for several years. I would recommend it to anyone!

Macey L.
United States United States
WOW! My fatigue is solved

I have been battling extreme fatigue for some time now from several physical and mental health reasons. I can hardly believe the difference. I now am able to get all my work done AND enjoy my life. My metabolism is off the charts (I lost weight from the very first day I tried it) and having the energy to work out will keep the benefits adding up. One capsule lasts all day long.

Rachel D.
United States United States
It's one of the best products that actually works!

I take it mid-morning and it keeps me going all day! I don't get into that afternoon slump and I actually fall asleep when I'm suppose to... At bedtime!

Kriie G.
United States United States
No jitters!

I have been searching for years for something that will keep me alert and awake during the day but which does not give me jitters or make me nauseous. On a whim, I ordered a sample, and it's been the best decision ever! I have underlying health conditions which make me very fatigued, but I am a preschool teacher for kids with special needs, and I need the energy of the energizing bunny! I am so thankful that I have found, finally, Extreme Energy!

Herbal Nitro® Extreme Energy Review
Gene S.
United States United States
Clean Energy

Honestly, I was skeptical about trying an energy supplement but I have to say I am truly happy about my purchase. Herbal Nitro’s Extreme Energy provided me a Clean source of energy that lasted all day without the crash. I also noticed that my mind seemed to be a little more focused. You won’t be disappointed. Give it a try

Larry M.
I've been using everyday for the last 10 years!

I'm not a big coffee drinker, so I take 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. I've been more productive professionally and personally, and some of the natural ingredients enhance my mood as well. Ive tried many other, bu this is hands down the best energy product EVER!

Steve D.
United States United States
This stuff works

This works great for me.

Frederick O.
United States United States
An excellent product.

It's a very good product. There are no side effects or crashes. It's good for your well-being. I would definitely recommend this product.

Karen F.
United States United States
Great product!

These are very good supplements that help me 100% to focus with an extra energy boost that is very welcome! Been using for a month now and just placed my second order. Try them- you will not be disappointed and will become a regular customer like me!

Maria F.
United States United States
The best I've tried!

My friend loves this product. It gave her lots of energy,so now I'm trying it.

A family company since 1999.

Family company since 1999

As a family company for over 20 years, it's our mission to make products that change lives: ones that are 100% natural, effective, and affordable. If you need help or have any questions, just call us at 1-800-AMAZING.