Extreme Energy

472 reviews

Got a day ya just don’t feel like getting something done? Down one of these and consider the task at hand complete!!” – Rod B.

Low energy or fatigue? Extreme Energy will put the pep back in your step again.

Start with 1 capsule, and let this powerful energy formula give you all-day energy without making you crash or feel sluggish or jittery.

NEW! Extreme Energy now comes with 60 pills per bottle for an easier, adjustable dose!


(60 capsules)


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Feeling Sluggish? Do This Once Daily.

Now You Can Easily Become More Productive, Feel Less Fatigue, and Have Energy to Do More Again

Do you ever feel wiped out?

Like you don’t have it in you anymore?

When getting out of bed is a struggle…

And doing the laundry or the dishes feels impossible…

It doesn’t seem fair.

Everyone else around you is able to do things…

But for some reason, your energy levels are at an all time low.

You used to go on morning walks.

And you’d keep your house clean and orderly.

You were that one person everyone could count on.

But now… You feel like you’re not “chipping in.”

And you have to take naps during the day just to stay awake.

It feels like you’ve lost the “pep” in your step.

Don’t worry: Now there’s a fast, easy way to get your energy back:

  • Without coffee or energy drinks
  • Without feeling jittery or shaky
  • Without the “afternoon crash”

Now you can conquer any long day with…

Energy That Will Kick Your Butt!

You’ve tried it all but nothing works.

Double-strength espressos… Energy drinks… Vitamin B12…

Nothing is able to lift you from your low.

Nothing gets you off the couch or wipes away your fatigue.

Instead, they just make you feel jittery.

You still have no energy…

Thankfully, this Extreme Energy formula is guaranteed to work for you.

With just 1 pill, you’ll be wide awake.

You’ll have energy you haven’t felt in years.

  • You’ll be able to get active again
  • You’ll check off every item on your to-do list
  • With so much energy, you’ll even be in a better mood!

And unlike other energy boosters…

Your Fatigue Will Utterly Vanish!

You’ll get your life back, just like our customer Macey did…

WOW! My fatigue is solved!” said Macey.

She had been battling extreme fatigue her entire life due to health issues.

But listen to what she said next…

I can hardly believe the difference. I now am able to get all my work done AND enjoy my life.

If you want to feel alive with energy again…

If you’re tired of feeling sluggish all the time…

Then you must try Extreme Energy today.

This all-natural energy formula is guaranteed to boost your energy.

With just 1 pill, you’ll be alert and motivated to start your day.

Your exhaustion and daily “wear-and-tear” won’t weigh you down anymore.

And you’ll finally get back to your daily routines!

Even When Nothing Else Worked For You…

Extreme Energy is guaranteed to boost your energy—every time you take it.

Extreme Energy
472 reviews

It uses natural herbs, roots, and extracts to increase your energy levels like nothing else.

On day 1, you can expect:

  • 6+ hours of smooth, feel-good energy
  • More alertness throughout your day
  • Less fatigue and exhaustion
  • Renewed motivation to get things done

Don’t you owe it to yourself?

You deserve to have your energy back.

Don’t Wait: Get Your Energy Back Today!

For the low price of only $19.97 + FREE shipping, you can experience real results on day 1!

If it doesn’t completely change your energy levels, call us for a full refund.

If you want to feel youthful energy again… You must take action.

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Or simply call us now at 1-800-AMAZING (262-9464) to order over the phone.

Your order is 100% secure, backed by our 90-day money-back guarantee. You will only be charged once.

Hear What Real Customers Say About It

Extreme Energy review by Kriie G.

I have underlying health conditions which make me very fatigued, but I am a preschool teacher for kids with special needs, and I need the energy of the energizing bunny! I am so thankful that I have found, finally, Extreme Energy! – Kriie G.

Extreme Energy review by Michael V.

Absolutely changed my life. I was tired all the time. I’m hooked for life! – Michael V.

Extreme Energy review by Lisa M.

I am a nurse that works long hours. This provides me with the energy stamina needed to get through my days without the crash and burn midday! – Lisa M.

Extreme Energy review by Vince A.

I’ve been using this product for over 20 years. This product really works. I always tell my friends.. – Vince A.

Extreme Energy review by Crystal S.

This gave me all kinds of energy so I was able to do my housework. I am a disabled veteran with fibromyalgia and arthritis so I’m always tired. – Crystal S.

Frequently Asked Questions

Extreme Energy is an all-natural herbal formula, containing:

  • Coffee Bean (58 mg)
  • Panax Ginseng
  • American Ginseng
  • Eleuthero Root
  • Yohimbe Bark

Ingredient Label

Start with 1 capsule, ideally early in the day. Take with food if necessary.

As of May 2021, we changed the dose of Extreme Energy. Instead of 30 extra powerful capsules, Extreme Energy comes with 60 half-dose capsules.

Now you can adjust your energy more easily and find the perfect fit for your body.

Start with 1 capsule. If it’s not too strong, move to 2 capsules daily.

In short, no. We suggest you contact your doctor prior to taking Extreme Energy with high blood pressure or while taking medications for blood pressure.

No. We do not recommend you combine Extreme Energy with other stimulants like coffee or energy drinks.

Extreme Energy is strong enough to keep you awake on its own. If you must, please separate usage between several hours.

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Yes! You will only be charged once. You will not be charged or shipped anything monthly.

If you need to re-order, you can revisit our website or call us at 1-800-AMAZING.

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As a family-run company for over 20 years, it’s our mission to make products that change lives: ones that are 100% natural, effective, and affordable. If you need help or have any questions, just call us at 1-800-AMAZING (262-9464).

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