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Has it been days since your last poop? Tired of the bloating, cramping, and straining?

Then you’ll love My Gentle Detox, an all-natural “poop formula” that works every time.

  • Gets you pooping in just 1 day
  • No more bloating or cramping
  • Full, complete poops without feeling gassy
  • Gentle bowel movements without pushing or straining

Simply take 1 pill whenever you need to go. We recommend at night.

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How to Fully Empty Your Bowels Every Morning At Any Age

The Promise: Start pooping in just 1 day without the bloating, cramping, or pushing.

Nearly 1 in 5 Americans can’t poop,[3] and it’s getting worse.

Low fiber diets, too much caffeine or alcohol, medications, and even stress can lead to constipation.[4,5]

We can all relate to one of these.

Plus, if you’re older than 60, there’s a 1 in 3 chance you may be constipated.[6]

According to the Ochsner Clinic Foundation, constipation is pooping less than 3 times a week.[24]

You may also experience:

  • Hard stools
  • Unfinished business
  • Excessive straining
  • Too much time spent on the toilet

But that’s just the start of it.

When you can’t poop, it feels heavy and uncomfortable.

You may also feel bloated and cramped, with constant pressure in your stomach.

The longer you’re blocked up, the worse it gets.

At some point, you just want to “get it all out!”

We understand you.

That’s why we’re here to tell you about an easy way to completely empty your bowels in 1 day.

You Deserve a Good Poop

Here’s the truth: Most “solutions” to help you poop just don’t work.

If they did, you wouldn’t be reading this.

Like many people, you’ve tried everything on the market…

  • Fiber and juices
  • Over-the-counter laxatives
  • Stool softeners

None of them do what they promise to do, which is help you poop.

But you want more than that.

You want to feel light and empty all day.

And go about your day like normal, without feeling gassy or bloated.

And wake up each morning and let it all out.

None of these “solutions” can give that to you.

First, let’s talk about fiber.

Why Fiber Doesn’t Always Work

If you’ve struggled to poop for years, you’ve probably tried fiber.

Since fiber is not digestible by the body, it can “hold” moisture to help bulk up your stool.[12]

Sometimes, it can help relieve chronic constipation.[13]

But for the most of us, it doesn’t work.

It’s only really helpful if you are severely low on fiber, which is quite rare.[23]

Sometimes, it can just cause bloating.

One study showed that people on a high-fiber diet were bloated all the time…

But the patients who didn’t take fiber had no side-effects at all.[14]

The truth is…

If you live with constipation, fiber just wont work for you.[22]

Other Methods to Help You Poop

Some people recommend drinking prune juice.

But this is hardly different than fiber, and comes with about 25 grams of sugar.

Others swear by using castor oil.

But due to its side-effects, it’s no longer a popular choice.[20]

Then there are stool softeners.

They help increase the moisture in your stool to make bowel movements smoother.

However, they can often lead to diarrhea by making your stool runny.

If you have hard stools, they may help you push or strain less…

But if you struggle to fully empty your bowels, a laxative would be better for you.

In fact, experts recommend you first start with a laxative.[15]

Why Not All Laxatives Are Equal

If you’ve ever bought a laxative from the store, you know the truth…

They can be seriously harsh.

They work by stimulating your peristaltic actions in your intestines.

In other words, they give you a helping push.

But over-the-counter laxatives can leave you feeling raw.

If they don’t have enough push, you’ll have severe cramping and gassiness.

But if they push too hard, you’ll be sitting on the toilet with diarrhea for hours.

Unfortunately, this is what doctors commonly prescribe to patients who take medications…

Harsh, over-the-counter laxatives.

Thankfully, there’s a better, gentler way to start pooping again.

How My Gentle Detox Solves the Problem

When it’s been days without a bowel movement…

And you’re tired of feeling heavy, sluggish, and bloated…

We recommend you take 1 pill of My Gentle Detox.

Since 1999, it’s been our best-selling “poop formula” for a simple reason…

It guarantees to help you poop again.

This all-natural formula uses herbs, roots, and extracts to fully clean out your bowels.

First, it helps absorb moisture in your stool.[25]

This way you won’t have to push or strain on the toilet.

Then, it stimulates your body’s peristaltic actions, helping you “push” it all out.[26]

With My Gentle Detox, you’ll have bigger, fuller poops without feeling gassy all day.

And because it’s gentle, it won’t give you diarrhea.

That means you also won’t have to stay by the bathroom all day.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to your pooping problems, try My Gentle Detox today.

How to Take It

To get started, simply take 1 pill whenever you need to go.

We recommend you take it at night either at dinner time or before you go to bed.

This gives the formula enough time to kick in while you sleep.

Most customers have their first poop right after waking up.

It’s also ideal to stay hydrated while taking My Gentle Detox.

If you can, aim for 8 glasses of water a day. (But you’ll poop regardless.)

Also, daily use isn’t required.

You can take it whenever you need it:

  • If 1 a day works for you, great!
  • If you prefer every other day, that works too.

Either way, you’ll poop whenever you take a pill!

Our Promise: If You Don’t Poop, It’s FREE

Even if you’ve tried every product on the market…

Even if you’ve been constipated for years…

Even if what your doctor has been giving you isn’t working…

My Gentle Detox will, and that’s our guarantee.

My Gentle Detox

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