Extreme Energy Packets are Back in Stores

After 7 years of being out of the stores, forced to resign from the outside world and nestle ourselves safely on the internet, Extreme Energy packets are finally back in stores.
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You see, distribution is a tricky thing… You can have the best product, the best ingredients, the nicest packing (we’ve nailed the first two), but if you don’t know how to spread the word, nobody gets to enjoy it. From a marketing perspective, it seems so easy. Usually, as long as somebody has a need (natural, powerful energy) and you can meet it, problem solved. But that’s not always the case. Daily in this industry, companies are rising from the ground up with products they don’t make, with ingredients they don’t vet, and customers they see as moneybags. We tremble at that idea. The reason why we’ve been around since 1999 is our unwavering commitment to our ingredients. Every time you take Extreme Energy, for example, it will feel the exact same as last time, last year–when you first tried it.

Have you seen the red packet?

Extreme Energy Packets are making their way from the West to the East. If you want to buy them right now, click the packets below. Extreme Energy duo packets

The Best Caffeine for Extreme Energy

This year, 2017, nearly half of all Americans will drink or will have drunk coffee outside of the home. Do you realize how many green straws that is? People are surging to coffee shops looking for some extreme energy. Energy is attractive to just about everybody: early risers with a commute; parents trying to survive their kids waking up at obscene hours; dedicated gym-goers before the gym body traffic, etc. But the solution to sustaining energy isn’t clear across the board. Most are consulting coffee. The current data show youth drinking more coffee than adults like never before. I say “adult” because most of the youth looking for extreme energy are not adults. From ages 13-18 (or post-millennials/Generation Z), youth are demolishing coffee and doing so extravagantly–what we call “gourmet” coffee. Not only is the unprecedented rise in coffee consumption a caution for health, it is also a bane of our wallets, especially when gourmet coffee, ranging from tall plain coffees at $2 each to venti frappuccinos, filled with sugar, at upwards of $5-6 each. That is unreasonable. And for most Americans, getting caffeine should not need its own budgeting plan; it shouldn’t cost us so much. We believe that strongly. As the economy presses its mighty hand on all of us, especially on the young generation, we might lean toward stimulation as a distraction. And that is okay, provided we find the right source of caffeine for us.

Here’s what caffeine does

Caffeine is the most consumed central nervous system (CNS) stimulant. It increases energy metabolism in the brain and affects the local release of dopamine, the chemical in the body that plays a heavy role in our motor control, motivation, sexual gratification, and much more. While dopamine is naturally released in the body, caffeine helps activate the neurons in our brain to release more dopamine. Since caffeine is readily consumable, most Americans experience this CNS reward daily; and the way many are getting it is by stopping by the coffee shop on the way out of the house. It’s no doubt that caffeine lends to moderate mental awareness and acuity. The research bears out that, under certain thresholds between roughly 75mg and 200mg, most caffeine consumers experience vigilance and visual attention increases. In cases where the caffeine consumer is a habitual one, the dosage can rise up to 400mg. You can bet that 400mg of caffeine can render some pretty extreme energy, provided the consumer isn’t desensitized from drinking too much coffee. But do you need to load your system with 400mg of caffeine to get the mental benefits? Definitely not. Caffeine, in tandem with providing mental awareness, is also known to be a considerably rich source of antioxidants. Whether you want to compound the antioxidant effect of caffeine or find an alternative, there is no better way than powerful mixtures of nature’s own cleansing agents. For more information on these benefits, read about the best natural detox ingredients.

Is coffee the only solution?

If you look at the raw numbers, the nation would appear to vote coffee as the best caffeine source… A few years ago, only 10% of dedicated coffee drinkers would say they were addicted. While addiction is a medical term, we anticipate that number will rise as they always do. But we don’t need to be dependent on coffee; and we also don’t need to be dependent on caffeine. So many green straws… Caffeine is a great way to give yourself an alerted boost and aid you in whatever physical or mental venture you have before you: but remember that the body has its ways of naturally giving you energy.

The healthy way

You hear the word “supplement” a lot; and you probably see it on our site. But don’t forget that the word means “add,” not “replace.” Supplementing your body’s natural energy is the healthiest choice above all. It means you don’t need to spend hundreds to thousands (if you go for the gourmet drinks) a year on stimulants; and it means you don’t have to stop at a drive-thru before work every morning to get your fix. We recommend a healthy lifestyle filled with fruits, vegetables, protein, and lean fats, along with plenty of water throughout the day. And if you find yourself needing that extra energy–or perhaps on some days you need extreme energy, choose a convenient and cost-friendly alternative. Don’t do your body’s job when it comes to your energy levels: just help it out.

Exercise Safely Through Summer

We love Summer! But for some that means heat. Be smart and safe while sticking to your exercise program. Following simple guidelines will help you stay on target.

Be safe in the summer heat and drink plenty of water!

Summer Exercise Safety Guidelines

Do it earlier or later! If you don’t work out in a temperature controlled environment you may need to change your schedule.  Get up an hour earlier to take that run before the heat kicks in. It’s not recommended to exercise when the mercury is 90 degrees. Decrease the intensity of your workout when it’s hot. Both heat and humidity can raise your heart rate. It’s better to be safe. Switch it up! Change your workout to include water sports if you can.  Swimming is one of the best exercises there is and it’s easy on the joints. Dress appropriately. There are many options now in moisture-wicking fabrics. Make sure to apply sunscreen to exposed skin. Stay hydrated. In times of extreme heat or humidity you can sweat 3 times more than normal. Include a beverage with electrolytes in your fluids. If at any time you feel dizzy or nauseated, stop, rest and hydrate. For an extra boost of energy try Herbal Nitro Extreme Energy.

Boost Energy and Hydration with Refreshing Fruit Waters

A great way to boost hydration is to drink delicious beverages that are flavored with summer fresh fruits. They’re full of wholesome goodness, vitamins, enzymes, water and FUN! Get the kids involved in making their own concoctions. You can individually freeze fruit chunks to keep your beverage chilled longer. Fruited waters are a great way to hydrate Strawberries are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and fiber with less than 50 calories per cup. Blueberries are one of the most nutrient dense berries (Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Manganese). One cup contains 4 grams of fiber and only 84 calories. Oranges are high in antioxidants, Vitamin C, Thiamin, Folate and Potassium. One cup of segments has 85 calories and 4 grams of fiber. Watermelon is mostly water but a good source of citrulline and lycopene. One cup has only 45  calories. Lemons are a great source of fiber, Vitamin C, Potassium and Vitamin B. They are reported to be good for cardiovascular health, prevention of kidney stones and anemia. One whole lemon has a mere 20 calories.

Do You Need Natural Energy Boosters?

Why Do We Get Sleepy in the Afternoon?

Ever had that feeling about 2:00 in the afternoon?  You know, you can barely keep your eyes open and your head feels heavy?  You feel like this kitten. Admit it!  We all look for natural energy boosters when we start dragging. Unfortunately, its part of our natural cycle.  Some cultures didn’t try to fight it and adopted the “siesta” or afternoon nap time.  They take an afternoon rest and them come back raring to go. Energy drop in afternoon - get a boost with Extreme Energy or Fuel for the Body It’s natural for your body temperature to drop about 2 or 3 in the afternoon.  But, it’s also natural for your body temperature to drop just before you fall asleep.  Your body is actually the coolest just before you wake up.  Your body has been trained; temperature drop means time to sleep. Of course if you ate a lunch that was loaded with fast digesting carbs or sugar, the crash is probably related to your diet.  Whether you are dieting to lose weight or just to stay awake, protein is important for any diet.  It helps you avoid the crash.

Natural Energy Boosters to Stay Awake

Crazy as it seems, expending energy gives you energy.  If you feel sleepy, jumping around or doing brief aerobic exercise will increase your body temperature and get you awake again. You can reach for a cup of coffee or green tea to get a caffeine jolt, but that caffeine can cause a crash or the jitters in a little while, especially if you load it up with sugar. Extreme Energy as a herbal energy pill that worksA good night’s sleep and a good lunch are potent tools in your arsenal for fighting afternoon fatigue.  But it doesn’t hurt to get a natural energy boost from Extreme Energy or Fuel for the Body.  Just don’t take it too late in the afternoon, or you will be energized all night!  Got questions about the natural energy boosters in our herbal supplements? What is your favorite way to beat the afternoon slump?  Add your comment below!