Rates and Information

At Herbal Nitro we do our best to keep product prices affordable. In an effort to keep shipping rates fair for our customers, we offer tiered rates that vary by weight and services. These prices reflect our actual cost of packaging and shipping.

USPS First Class

$3.00—or FREE shipping when you order 2 or more bottles.

USPS Priority Mail

Upgrade to Priority Shipping: $8.50—or $5.50 if you order 2 or more bottles.

Method of Delivery

We ship primarily via United States Postal Service within the United States. Your order will arrive in your mailbox for standard addresses, or P.O. box when provided. The US Postal Office does not deliver to your door.

We provide e-mail notification at time of shipment. We make every effort to process each order as quickly as possible. Most orders ship within 24-48 hours.