Extreme Energy packets

Extreme Energy Packets are Back in Stores

After 7 years of being out of the stores, forced to resign from the outside world and nestle ourselves safely on the internet, Extreme Energy packets are finally back in stores.
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You see, distribution is a tricky thing…You can have the best product, the best ingredients, the nicest packing (we’ve nailed the first two), but if you don’t know how to spread the word, nobody gets to enjoy it.From a marketing perspective, it seems so easy.Usually, as long as somebody has a need (natural, powerful energy) and you can meet it, problem solved.But that’s not always the case.Daily in this industry, companies are rising from the ground up with products they don’t make, with ingredients they don’t vet, and customers they see as moneybags.We tremble at that idea. The reason why we’ve been around since 1999 is our unwavering commitment to our ingredients.Every time you take Extreme Energy, for example, it will feel the exact same as last time, last year–when you first tried it.

Have you seen the red packet?

Extreme Energy Packets are making their way from the West to the East. If you want to buy them right now, click the packets below.Extreme Energy duo packets