My Gentle Detox

My Gentle Detox

Have you tried everything on the market but nothing works? Then it’s time you try My Gentle Detox. It uses effective, all-natural ingredients that activate your intestinal muscles and soften your stool so you can poop with ease.

  • Helps you poop within 8-12 hours
  • Reduces your bloating, cramping, gas, and discomfort
  • Take it daily, every other day, or whenever you need it
  • #1 best-selling poop formula for 23 years
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Money-back guarantee
100% Money-back Guarantee

Your purchase is backed by our 90-day 100% money-back guarantee. It's a one-time purchase: No auto-ship or monthly subscriptions.

Don’t You Deserve to Poop Again?

If you’ve struggled to poop for years, or you know someone who does, listen closely…

You can fix your bowel issues.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 25 or 85…

Or the medications you take make you constipated…

Or if you’ve tried everything on the market without success…

You will poop with My Gentle Detox—or your money back.

Poop in 1 Day

Take it at night and poop the next day

Feel Light & Empty

No more heaviness weighing you down

Less Bloating

More complete poops so you bloat less

Less Cramping

Removes pressure in intestines by cleaning out bowels

No More Pushing

Softens your stool so you push and strain less

Tried Everything Without Success? This Will Work for You

It’s a constant struggle:

The pain, the bloating, the cramps…

It feels like you’re carrying rocks in your bowels.

It doesn’t matter what you eat or what you drink… Or whether you follow your doctor’s advice to a T.

You just can’t get bowel relief.

Most methods out there—like fiber, stool softeners, and laxatives—just don’t work.

That’s why we created My Gentle Detox, a poop formula guaranteed to help you poop.

Fiber Doesn’t Push

Fiber increases the size and weight of your stool, but it doesn’t “push.” This can lead to excessive bloating, gassiness, and cramping.

Stool Softeners Cause Diarrhea

When dosed too high, stool softeners can liquefy your bowels, giving you runny poop (diarrhea) without reducing the bloating or cramping.

Laxatives Are Too Harsh

Over-the-counter laxatives and prescriptions often have one of two problems:

  1. They either push too hard, causing severe diarrhea and pain.
  2. Or they don’t push enough, causing gassiness, bloating, and worse constipation.

My Gentle Detox Really Works

That’s why we formulated this gentle poop formula to work every time you need it.

It uses effective, all-natural ingredients to stimulate your intestinal muscles to help “get it all out”—without leaving you cramped, bloated, or gassy all day.

In short: If nothing you’ve taken has worked… My Gentle Detox will work for you.

It’s Easy! Just Take 1 Capsule When You Need Relief

Feeling blocked up or bloated? Just take 1 capsule at night.

By the next day, My Gentle Detox will do the job for you.

You can take it daily, every other day, or whenever you need it. In rare situations, some customers take 2 capsules at a time.

For best results, stay hydrated during the day.

(If swallowing capsules is hard for you, you can open the capsule and mix the powder with a bit of honey or water.)

Take one capsule before bed

We recommend before bed so it has time to fully dissolve and take effect in your body.

Stay hydrated during the day

For best results, drink plenty of water during your detox.

Get ready to poop

Now you don’t have to worry about going several days without a bowel movement!

100% All-Natural, Safe Ingredients for the Perfect Poop

100% Natural
Soy Free
Gluten Free

Every batch of ingredients is made in a cGMP-certified facility in the USA and is up to code with FDA’s regulations.

My Gentle Detox is safe, and is third-party tested for toxins, heavy metals, and purity.

As a family-owned and operated company since 1999, we believe in My Gentle Detox. It’s why we take it ourselves.

My Gentle Cleanse contains Cascara Sagrada

Cascara Sagrada

Also known as “Sacred Bark,” this herb acts on the colon to promote peristalsis and stool evacuation.

Senna leaf ingredient

Senna Leaf

This potent leaf is an excellent purgative, and stimulates peristalsis by acting on the large intestine.

My Gentle Cleanse contains Dandelion

Dandelion Root

A common plant used as both a diuretic and aid in minor digestive problems.

Artichoke ingredient


A powerful liver-helper and reliever of discomfort in your upper abdomen (called dyspepsia).

Milk thistle ingredient

Milk Thistle

An herb that helps protect the liver; it’s also loaded with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Sarsaparilla ingredient


An inflammation-fighter that helps with detoxing, digestion, and liver protection.

Hear What Customers Say About My Gentle Detox

It’s just as advertised!

I have a problem with constipation. I was in the hospital and had all these medications. Nothing was working. With this in 2 days it totally cleaned me out. It’s doing the job and it’s not violent. It’s gentle and i like it. It cleans me out in 1 day and I’m good for the next couple days! It’s doing exactly what it says it does.

William B.

This is the only thing that works!

Before this I had taken Swiss Kriss because I had a gastric bypass. I was taking almost 5 tablets of that before a normal BM! I’ve tried so many things like magnesium, but nothing works. I don’t eat normally so I needed something different. With Swiss Kriss I would get cramps, but I saw this and thought “This is a bunch of BS.” But this is so great and I’m so happy–what a blessing! I told my son about it (he’s a pilot) because he complains about constipation. I’m very, very happy and I’ve sold several people about it. Give it a try… You will not be sorry!

Angela D.


I had continual problems that I just couldn’t fix. I did Metamucil, I did Miralax, I took stool softeners. It finally got to the point, where I was using Enemas to be normal 😔😔. And I thought, “this can’t be normal.” Thank God, I tried this product and it actually works! The best part is you don’t need to take it daily! So take it once, stop and when your problems return, take it again! I am blessed and lucky to have found this and I promise you, from the ex-eneman (haha) it works!!

Natalie W.


I was very skeptical at first. I have been constipated for years. Tried everything on the market. I would go a whole week, then get so constipated I had to pick it out UCK! I felt like I carried rocks in my rectum. These work, take my word on it!

Susan C.

The best product ever

I love my gentle detox I have been using for over a month now and this stuff works miracles! I have been having constipation issues for over 20 years and nothing I have ever used worked. since I’ve been taking my gentle detox i feel so much lighter and not so bloated anymore I LOVE THIS STUFF.i am 100% satisfied with this product it is worth the money I feel so much better!!!!

Mariana T.

This stuff really works!

Like many of you, I’ve struggled with bowel movements my entire life. I tried a bottle of this and, it works, believe me. I just ordered my second bottle.

John H.

Saved me from having a bowel impaction!

I was so excited, and when I received them I took one and it helped. But then I stopped it for about 3 weeks for some reason, and I became so constipated. I went to the doctor and they told me to be careful about a bowel obstruction. I told them about this product and they told me to go home, take this product again, and drink some water. They were so impressed and now they’re going to get this product for their medical practice! I was constipated my whole life until this!

Frances C.

My Gentle Detox Guarantees You Poop—Or Your Money Back

My Gentle Detox
366 reviews

That’s right. If My Gentle Detox doesn’t get your bowels moving again, you’ll get your money back.

But time and time again, My Gentle Detox has been proven to work:

  • For people with severe constipation
  • For people who take constipating medications
  • For people who have tried everything without success

This natural formula will give you the fast bowel relief you need.

And all it takes is 1 capsule. Simply take 1 at night and by the next day, you’ll poop!

Imagine if you could empty your bowels every morning…

How much better would you feel?

So don’t wait: Get a bottle today for only $25.97 $22.97 + FREE shipping on your first order.

Click the button below and tell us where to ship your bottle.

Or, call us now at 1-800-AMAZING (262-9464) to order over the phone.

First Order Offer$25.97 $22.97+ FREE Shipping

Money-back guarantee
100% Money-back Guarantee

Your purchase is backed by our 90-day 100% money-back guarantee. It's a one-time purchase: No auto-ship or monthly subscriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can take My Gentle Detox daily, every other day, or whenever needed.

Each person’s body is unique, so in the first two weeks of taking it, you’ll notice how your body bests responds to it.

You may take it more often sometimes and less often at other times.

For some people (such as those with severe constipation), 2 capsules may be required at times.

We do however suggest you start with 1 capsule and only try 2 if you absolutely need it. (If you take constipating medications, this is one common situation that may require 2 capsules.)

We suggest you take one capsule before bedtime, giving the formula enough time to dissolve in your body and start working.

We also suggest you drink plenty of water to help further soften your stool and reduce discomfort.

My Gentle Detox is an all-natural herbal formula, containing:

  • Casanthranol USP (Cascara Sagrada Bark Extract)
  • Dandelion Root Extract
  • Artichoke Leaf Extract
  • Milk Thistle Seed Extract
  • Sarsaparilla Root Extract
  • Senna Leaf Extract
View Ingredient Label

Yes! If you are not absolutely satisfied with My Gentle Detox, contact us for a full refund within 90 days.

We do ask that you try it for 1-2 weeks before calling us for a weekend, as it may take longer to work for you than for others.

Yes! You will only be charged once. You will not be sent bottles monthly or charged without your permission.

If you’d like to order again, you can do so on the website or call us at 1-800-AMAZING.

First Order Offer$25.97 $22.97+ FREE Shipping

Money-back guarantee
100% Money-back Guarantee

Your purchase is backed by our 90-day 100% money-back guarantee. It's a one-time purchase: No auto-ship or monthly subscriptions.

About Us

Family company since 1999

As a family-run company for over 20 years, it’s our mission to make products that change lives: ones that are 100% natural, effective, and affordable. If you need help or have any questions, just call us at 1-800-AMAZING.