"I've been sluggish and fatigued for months. Then I took a chance and ordered one bottle of Extreme Energy. BAM!"

— Lola L., Verified Customer

Extreme Energy

366 reviews

Do long days wipe you out? We understand you.

With Extreme Energy, you’ll never go another day feeling low, tired, or fatigued!

Extreme Energy helps you stay awake, have more energy, and fight fatigue daily.

Using powerful, all-natural herbs, you won’t crash or feel jittery.

Instead, you’ll have smooth, all-day energy that to help you get things done every day.

With just 1 capsule, you can expect:

  • 6+ hours of smooth, sustained energy
  • All-day energy without the crash or jitters
  • Less fatigue and exhaustion
  • More alertness and motivation


(30 capsules)

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All-Day Energy Without Feeling Sluggish

The Promise: Sustained Energy, Productive Mornings, and Less Fatigue… in Just 30 Minutes?

Get your energy levels back!

If long days wear you out, you’re certainly not alone.

Millions of Americans suffer from low energy, fatigue, and lack of motivation.

In fact, over 71% of Americans report to be sleep deprived,[1] and the quarantine has only made matters worse.

But this doesn’t have to be you.

Now, there’s a quick and easy fix to have all-day, youthful energy…

  • Without getting 8 hours of sleep
  • Without drinking coffee or energy drinks
  • And without breaking your bank

So you can stay wide awake on those long, exhausting days.

And you can finally defeat the fatigue that rules your life.

How to Beat Fatigue and Stay Awake All Day

In 30 short minutes, Extreme Energy can rouse you from your silent slumber…

And feed your mind the energy it needs to keep you awake and productive…

And, like a magic trick, make your fatigue disappear before your very eyes.

Whether you need a burst of energy in the morning to wake you up…

Or the sustained energy to get through your long work shifts…

Just take 1 capsule and soon you’ll be able to complete every item on your to-do list.

Extreme Energy
366 reviews

Your energy levels will remain high and steady.

You’ll power through the afternoon slump or stay on high alert through the night shift.

Plus, you’ll feel the energy hit you the first time you take it… and your body won’t become numb to it.

With just 1 pill, you’ll feel the warm sensation… the wide open eyes… and the vanished fatigue.

Packed in every capsule is the power to…

  • Lift you high out of your energy low
  • Keep you productive and “go go go”
  • Get you through the day without feeling sluggish

And it does this all at once—the moment the vegetarian capsule dissolves.

Once it does, you’ll FEEL it.

Smooth, Strong Energy You’ll Feel Within Minutes

Can you FEEL a cup of coffee in the morning? Does an energy drink last over 6 hours?

Thanks to this all-natural formula, you won’t suddenly crash in the afternoon… and the energy won’t fade away after a few hours.

With Extreme Energy, you’ll have the energy—and freedom—to do what you love, go on runs again, and plan date nights.

You may be thinking, “Is this just another caffeine pill?

Not even close—but it does 100mg of caffeine, which is about the size of a cup of coffee.

Isn’t that a lot of caffeine?

The Mayo Clinic considers 400mg daily to be safe for most healthy adults.[9]

The problem, however, is that caffeine stops working over time as it builds a tolerance.

And when you drink too much caffeine… you’ll eventually crash.

Instead, Extreme Energy relies not on caffeine alone but powerful herbs to keep your energy levels smooth and steady for 6+ hours.

Powerful Herbs for Pure, Safe Energy

Herbs like Panax Ginseng, American Ginseng, Eleuthero Root ,and Yohimbe Bark—all of which were manufactured in a cGMP-compliant facility in the US, to ensure it’s safe to take and consistently dosed.

Two of those herbs, the ginsengs, are world-renown as fatigue-fighters, demonstrating an ability to improve cancer-related fatigue in clinical studies.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve felt fatigue or 10 days or 10 years, these herbs can alleviate yours in just 30 minutes.

Imagine… what would you do if you never felt sluggish?

Or if you never lacked the motivation to start your day?

With the added, sustained energy of Yohimbe Bark from Central Africa, you’ll soon be like the energizer bunny, able to “go go go” without a break.

To get all these herbs to work together at once isn’t easy; and with the proper dosage? Even harder.

However, in every capsule of Extreme Energy we’ve combined the precise medley of herbs, roots, and extracts to give you natural energy you can feel.

And for the low price of $19.97 (only $0.66 cents a day), you can experience this energy every morning—from dawn till dusk.

Guaranteed to Work or Your Money Back

If you don’t feel the energy the first time you take it, we’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund.

Most products on the market promise you energy… but do they work?

If they did what they said, you’d be outside in the world, doing what you love and filled with youthful energy!

Extreme Energy is guaranteed to work for you, and we’ll prove it with our 90-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

90 day money-back guarantee

See the real results for yourself and order today with FREE shipping.

You will not be charged more than once, and it is not a subscription or monthly shipment.

When you receive it in the mail, take 1 capsule earlier in the day. If it’s too strong for you, take it with food and water.

To begin your order, click the “Add to Cart” button below. You’ll be able to review your order before checking out.

If you still have questions or need help ordering, call us right now at 1-800-AMAZING (1-800-262-9464) and we’ll assist you one-on-one.

$19.97 + FREE Shipping

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Real Results from Real People

As a family-run company since 1999, we’ve seen what happens when people who need energy to get through the day turn to Extreme Energy.

They can’t help themselves to tell us about it. Read a few of these real stories below…

Extreme Energy review by Kriie G.

I have underlying health conditions which make me very fatigued, but I am a preschool teacher for kids with special needs, and I need the energy of the energizing bunny! I am so thankful that I have found, finally, Extreme Energy! – Kriie G.

Extreme Energy review by Michael V.

Absolutely changed my life. I was tired all the time. I’m hooked for life! – Michael V.

Extreme Energy review by Lisa M.

I am a nurse that works long hours. This provides me with the energy stamina needed to get through my days without the crash and burn midday! – Lisa M.

Extreme Energy review by Vince A.

I’ve been using this product for over 20 years. This product really works. I always tell my friends.. – Vince A.

Extreme Energy review by Crystal S.

This gave me all kinds of energy so I was able to do my housework. I am a disabled veteran with fibromyalgia and arthritis so I’m always tired. – Crystal S.

About Us

Family company since 1999

As a family-run company for over 20 years, it’s our mission to make products that change lives: ones that are 100% natural, effective, and affordable. If you need help or have any questions, just call us at 1-800-AMAZING.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend you take 1 capsule earlier in the day. It is best taken with food in your stomach to avoid possible shakiness.

We suggest you contact your doctor prior to taking Extreme Energy with high blood pressure or while taking medications for blood pressure.

We do not recommend you combine Extreme Energy with other stimulants.

You will find you do not need to combine this with a cup of coffee, as Extreme Energy is powerful enough to wake you up on its own.

Extreme Energy contains Coffee Bean (100mg of caffeine), Panax Ginseng, American Ginseng, Eleuthero Root, and Yohimbe Bark.

You can see the ingredient label here.

Absolutely! Things are tough right now, so we would love to help you.

Simply click the button below, or use coupon code "FIRST10" at the checkout page to save 10% on your order.

Apply Coupon Now

$19.97 + FREE Shipping

We offer MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and PayPal
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Customer Reviews
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Lola L.
United States United States
Incredible ENERGY!

I've been sluggish and fatigued for months. Then I took a chance and ordered one bottle of Herbal nitro Extreme Energy. BAM! Like the energizer bunny I became productive and focused for hours! I just reordered 3 more bottles. Now I want to get back into my speed walking!!

Michael G.
United States United States
How is this stuff legal?!

One capsule is good steady energy! Two capsules, and you ain't gonna sleep for 24 hours! Use this product responsibly!

Rosita N.
United States United States

I love this product and I got my mom to use it as well. These pills don’t make you feel sick, you don’t feel bloated, it does exactly what the name of the pills says Extreme Energy! It’s not like other pills that keep you up at night either or you don’t have that feeling like your going to crash. This product is legit, and that says a lot due to me not trying new things. I try to stick to what I know and I’m glad I gave these pills a try. Worth the buy!

John B.
United States United States
This Supplement Works!

As a senior, I’ve tried every vitality boosting product available, and this formulation of Extreme Energy gives me the boost I need to stave off the afternoon “valley of fatigue” and accomplish more in these stressful times. It does this without leaving me feeling ‘jangly’ or ‘wired,’ just a smooth flow of needed pep, lasting until early evening, then allowing me to relax and sleep. I can recommend this formulation, used wisely as anyone should regarding supplements, to help with maintaining “get up & go” throughout the day.

Marlys D.
United States United States
Only thing that works for me!

I was skeptical because I've tried just about every energy supplement. They all claim the same thing but, this one is the real deal. I just take 1 pill on the mornings when I am struggling to get up. Within a half hour, I'm out of bed and ready to go. I am a believer in this product.

Donna J.
United States United States
best energy product i have ever tried

i love it.. from day one i have had more energy then i have had since i was in my 20's and i am in my 60's..great product..recommend it to everyone

Alejandro M.
United States United States
Great natural product that works!

I love this product. I have two jobs as a cook, after I finish with my first job and before I start my second shift I just take one of the extreme energy capsules and no kidding but it keeps me energized until the end of my second shift, best of all is that it has natural ingredients. I've been taking it for over a year and still love it . I highly recommend it.

John W.
United States United States
Take one of these and your day is made!

I used it in the morning time. 6 hours of energy is true! When you need a little help, there it is! If I use it today and don't use it tomorrow, I don't get any jitters. I like that! Other energy pills have an after-effect! If you're feeling down and tired, especially right now in the world, take one of these and your day is made!

Lindsey M.
United States United States
Love this product!!

This product is amazing truly I never use to make able to get through the day with out being tired and wanting to take a nap I no longer have that issue I have been taking it for a month now and it when from me having no motivation to want to even get up and do anything to getting everything on my list completed I haven't felt this good or had this much motivation and energy in a long time I have told everyone I know about it and if your having any issues like I have had this is the right product for you!

Aaron W.
United States United States
The best product I have ever tried!

I ordered one bottle just to try it. I drink an energy drink sometimes 2 a day. I waste so much money on trying new things because I have bulging discs and other medical problems which forces me to take medication. I hate the feeling of pain pills they make me feel sleepy and high. I can honestly say these Extreme Energy pills are life changing without hesitation! They really work! I bought a bottle and gave a couple to my wife and we both love them. Nice clean sustaining energy throughout the day. Just have them with a good breakfast. Not to mention the customer service is amazing! They are very helpful and very generous. I am so glad I found these. I believe they are a healthy alternative to everything else I have been putting into my body. Not to mention saving me money in the long run. I bought one bottle and 2 weeks later I am already back for a couple more. As I said before they really work. So many different companies say they have the best product and it works blah blah blah. But honestly after trying numerous options this is the one that I will be sticking with for a long time. Extreme Energy pills!

Steve U.
United States United States
Great Product, with No Side Effects!

My wife recently found this product, while searching for a supplement that would give me energy. I have been fighting cancer for years, which causes a lot of fatigue, but this product gives me a boost of energy to help me through the day, AND has not caused me any side effects! That's why we're ordering more.

Herbal Nitro® Extreme Energy Review
jingi h.
United States United States

When I first took the pills ..about 30 minutes later I FELT GREAT! I could not believe how good your product made me feel. I was up around 4am ..singing and blending a smoothie in the kitchen as if it was the afternoon. I did a 2 hour work out with a smile on my face ..you have a customer for life!

Tamara D.
United States United States

I am a very busy retail sales person, and spend spare time at gym. Being a brisk 58 year old female, I've been accustomed to pre- shift drinks for energy. This EXTREME ENERGY pill a day works better, longer, and safer than the product I have been using for several years without the buzzy head feeling. My new daily pill is extreme energy, atleast until I'm 95 :) Mermaid in Idaho, T. Dickerson

Herbal Nitro® Extreme Energy Review
Brianne V.
United States United States
Works Amazing

I have hypersomnia and have tried different educations and supplements and nothing has worked as well as this. I take it every day to make sure I can stay awake throughout the day and it works great. I already ordered two bottles and I'm now ordering two more because I just can't go without it!

Herbal Nitro®

Hi Brianne. That's incredible that Extreme Energy has helped your hypersomnia! Thank you for feedback.

Nikita W.
Helps me stay focused and energized all day !

I absolutely love this pill. I've tried other options as far as maintaining a level of energy throughout the day without crashing, and this is my absolute go to! It really does gradually decrease your levels of energy to the point where it actually promotes good sleep, which is another problem are I deal with. About to order another bottle! I would definitely recommend this to everyone !

Herbal Nitro® Extreme Energy Review
Macey L.
United States United States
WOW! My fatigue is solved

I have been battling extreme fatigue for some time now from several physical and mental health reasons. I can hardly believe the difference. I now am able to get all my work done AND enjoy my life. My metabolism is off the charts (I lost weight from the very first day I tried it) and having the energy to work out will keep the benefits adding up. One capsule lasts all day long.

Kriie G.
United States United States
No jitters!

I have been searching for years for something that will keep me alert and awake during the day but which does not give me jitters or make me nauseous. On a whim, I ordered a sample, and it's been the best decision ever! I have underlying health conditions which make me very fatigued, but I am a preschool teacher for kids with special needs, and I need the energy of the energizing bunny! I am so thankful that I have found, finally, Extreme Energy!

Herbal Nitro® Extreme Energy Review
Gene S.
United States United States
Clean Energy

Honestly, I was skeptical about trying an energy supplement but I have to say I am truly happy about my purchase. Herbal Nitro’s Extreme Energy provided me a Clean source of energy that lasted all day without the crash. I also noticed that my mind seemed to be a little more focused. You won’t be disappointed. Give it a try

Larry M.
I've been using everyday for the last 10 years!

I'm not a big coffee drinker, so I take 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. I've been more productive professionally and personally, and some of the natural ingredients enhance my mood as well. Ive tried many other, bu this is hands down the best energy product EVER!

Janice G.
United States United States
Finally energy!

My friend gave me a couple of these energy pills to try. Best I’ve felt in a long time. Just purchased a bottle and anxious to take them every day. No jitters and sleep very well.

A family company since 1999.

Family company since 1999

As a family company for over 20 years, it's our mission to make products that change lives: ones that are 100% natural, effective, and affordable. If you need help or have any questions, just call us at 1-800-AMAZING.