Can Caffeine From Herbal Energy Boosters Improve Your Workout?

Marathon performance, when natural energy supplements help the most

Caffeine and Physical Performance

Everyone knows (well we will assume everyone) that caffeine is a stimulant. It reaches your brain quickly where it stimulates the entire central nervous system. That is why it makes you feel alert and awake. But does the stimulation from caffeine also increase your body’s performance? Studies show it can. Marathon performance, when natural energy supplements help the most A metastudy published in The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research (1) looked at 29 studies that had been previously performed on caffeine and athletic performance to see if there was any relationship.  The researchers wanted to answer the burning question that has been debated about caffeine ingestion before exercise. In a (kola) nutshell, does taking caffeine before you play sports or work act as a performance booster? Here’s what they discovered:
  • 11 of 17 studies showed caffeine resulted in significant improvements in performance
  • 6 out of 11 studies showed that caffeine use before resistance training resulted in measurable benefits
They also discovered that caffeine resulted in decreased performance if back to back workouts were completed. That may be an instance of the mind convincing the body it can do more than possible at the time.

Herbal Energy Boosters are Caffeine Without Coffee

Extreme Energy as a herbal energy pill that worksSure you know you can get caffeine in your morning coffee, but what if you don’t hit the gym in the morning? Don’t worry; you can get all the caffeine you need to power your workout with herbal energy boosters like Extreme Energy herbal supplements. There are more natural sources of energy than just coffee and tea. Herbal energy boosters rely on these plants as a natural energy source. So you can just take your Extreme Energy, drink plenty of water, and get ready to hit the gym any time of day. The caffeine and kola nut extracts will give you the boost you need to power through your workout or a second shift.

Natural Herbal Energy

Extreme Energy gives you natural herbal energy; and it does it with more than just straight caffeine. Imagine caffeine with a side of kola nut, mixed with ginseng and yohimbe bark, and eleuthero root on top and you’ve got Extreme Energy for the most amazing life. You’ll wonder how you made it through the day without it. This natural herbal energy combination won’t leave you jittery. Just don’t take it too late in the day or you will be amazing all night! Energy for your ride - fuel for the body

Herbal Supplements You Can Trust

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